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North Dakota State University  May 22-24, 2015

Days Until NACURH 2015

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Announement 5/24/2015

Check our transportation page for an important announcement about departures.

Announcement 5/22/2015

Breakfast and Lunch today (5/22) are for Conference Staff and NDB/NNB/RBDs.

Announcement 5/18/2015

The Delegate Waivers can be found on the registration tab below the payments button.

Announcement 5/16/2015

A packing list is available under the registration tab as a pdf or word document.

Announcement 5/15/2015

Care about the environment?  Interested in conserving resources?  Become part of the NACURH Green program and make an impact on all of these issues while at the conference.  Complete this learning tool, make a pledge, post on social media and you will receive a pin at NACURH 2015. 


Announcement 5/7/2015

Have you ever thought about what you throw away? What about that pop bottle, or that old newspaper? Be sure to sort your thrown away objects before you toss them out. A newspaper can be recycled, a glass tomato sauce jar can be reused, and the green tops of vegetables can be used for compost to help grow new vegetables.

Announcment 5/4/2015

​Hey NACURH! Less than 20 days 'til conference!  When you come to the conference, you need to have signed Delegate Forms for every delegate and advisor from your school BEFORE YOU CAN GET YOUR KEYS TO YOUR ROOM!  The form is now on our website and can be found under Registration.

Announcement 4/30/2015

​Did you know that if you turn your thermostat down by two or three degrees, not only will you save money on your next heating bill, but you will actually cut down the amount of energy you use? Give it a try and see the proof for yourself!​​

Announcement 4/23/2015

Recycling isn't just about making the same object again. Why not search around Pinterest to find ideas to turn those juice boxes into something useful like this coin purse?

Announcement 4/22/2015
All "ghost" delegates need to be updated to the correct name, gender, etc. by APRIL 29TH!  Please make sure to login to RegOnline and make sure your information is as up to date as possible!  Thanks!

Announcement 4/14/2015

Make sure to get your programs in if you want to present at NACURH 2015! We have already started evaluating programs so get them in as soon as you can! Once we choose which programs to accept, the presenters will be notified by email. Give us at least a week after the 15th to finish up evaluations, but we promise to let you know if you've been accepted as soon as we can! Thanks for submitting!

Announcement 4/10/2015

NCCs! Tomorrow our Conference Staff will be calling to make sure your delegate numbers and information are correct. We are SO excited to get to talk to you and get ready for NACURH!

Announcement 4/9/2015

Hey everyone! We've been getting questions about cancellations. It is NACURH policy that if you register a delegate or advisor and CANCEL, you are required to pay for it. You can apply for a refund after the conference and if we don't have a deficit, we can only refund variable costs, which for our conference is $145 USD. If you have questions or concerns, please email Beth at nacurh2015chair@gmail.com

Announcement 4/9/2015

Along with a reminder about Late Registration closing on the 10th of April, herer is your weekly sustainability tip.  Sustainability is not just about going green; it’s a balance between society, environment, and economy. Be part of NACURH Green and find out how balanced you are.

Announcement 4/4/2015
If you're getting a 'Payment Method Required' message when you try to submit delegations, please do the following:
1) Go back to your advisors registration
2) Register them as an advisor DOUBLE
3) Under 'Other Accommodations', type 'Advisor Single'
4) try submitting it

Thanks for your patience! Remember to email us with questions! Our office is closed right now!

​Announcement 4/2/2015

Our office will be closed Friday and Monday due to Spring Recess. If you have questions, please email us at nacurh2015info@gmail.com or email the Conference Chair, Beth Sutton at nacurh2015chair@gmail.com.

Have a great weekend and if you have to choose Paper or Plastic? How about neither! Use a reusable bag every time you go shopping to cut back on the waste produced by thrown out bags. 

​​Announcement 3/26/2015
Hey NACURH!  Reminder: Regular registration closes on April 4th at 11:59 PST.  Any new delegates created after this date will have a $10 fee added to each individual delegate.

Announcement 3/26/2015

Instead of printing all those notes on one side of a page, why not print on both sides? Download the Guidebook app for the conference and save some trees!

​​Announcement 3/26/2015
If you are having elections for NCC/President/NRHH Rep/etc. AFTER registration is closed, you MUST email nacurh2015chair@gmail.com ASAP. Not doing this will result in issues for registration, and must be done by March 31st. 

Announcement 3/13/2015

For the week of March 16th - 20th the NACURH 2015 Office will be closed due to Spring Break!  If you need anything, feel free to email nacurh2015info@gmail.com or leave a voicemail on our office phone!  We dont want to leave you without some entertainment while we're gone, so enjoy this video for "Fargo's Got Talent!"

​​For old announcements, please click here.