Announcement 2/26/15

Can you help destroy these monsters? Help us at NACURH 2015 in our Energy Challenge during the conference! How long can you go unplugged?

Announcement 2/19/2015

Our older announcements are archived and can be accessed here.  This allows the website to stay as up to date as possible!


Like to eat? How much do you actually eat and how much is thrown away? Join us at NACURH and find out with our Waste Busters program!

Announcement- 2/9/2015

Hey all!  It's that magical time of year!  NACURH 2015 Conference Registration!  

NCC's - You will register your entire delegation under one group.  Please print our "Individual Delegate Sheet" (which can be found
here or under the Registration tab), have students or advisors fill it out, and you'll be on your way to registering!  

We have put together a
step by step booklet that can be found by clicking on the Registration tab, and highly suggest that you look at the booklet before you register your delegation.

Bidding Teams: If you have more than 10 delegates, please register your extra delegates in a separate group, whose school name is "Your School Name - Bid Team".  

Alternates: Please register alternates in a separate group, whose school name is "Your School Name - Alternates"

Our registration page can be found by hovering over the Registration tab and selecting Registration form.

Our registration is open until April 4th.  

If you have any questions, let us know!  We'd love to hear from you!

Links and Diamond Love,
The NACURH 2015 Conference Team



One of our goals is to host a sustainable conference.  Once a week we will be posting sustainability tips here and on our social media sites.  Here is the first:

How much waste are you producing? Be sure to use reusable water bottles like the ones we will be handing out at NACURH!


Real quick update: Programming Registration opens on February 15th! Our apologies.

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North Dakota State University  May 22-24, 2015

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